Bluetooth/BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) application product development, thermal printer development, and sensor application product development


Thermal Printers

  • -We have an overall development capacity for hardware, software, and mechanisms.
  • -We support product development from prototyping to mass production.
  • -We can provide low cost designs that have a reduced number of parts and are compatible with various production systems and automated machines.
  • -We have the knowledge and development experience to make very precise paper feeds.
  • -We can provide improved designs for faster paper conveyance and drive systems.
  • -We can develop large products with a team design.
  • -We can provide designs that meet the safety standards of any country, conserve electricity to protect the environment, and take up less space.

A printer is an intricate combination of various elements.
So developing them requires comprehensive skills in hardware, software, and mechanisms. We provide customers with valuable technology that will expand their lineup, improve their existing components, and decrease costs.

[Product Performance]

  • -Commercial Sublimation Photo Printers
  • -Commercial Direct Thermal Printers

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