Bluetooth/BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) application product development, thermal printer development, and sensor application product development


Medical Equipment

  • -We have comprehensive development skills in hardware, software, and mechanisms.
  • -We support product development from prototyping to mass production.
  • -We can provide low cost designs that have a reduced number of parts and are compatible with various production systems and automated machines.
  • -We have experience in projects with top brands of medical equipment and are also currently engaged in product development.
  • -We have experience in developing medical equipment requiring specialist maintenance and management.

There is a wide variety of medical equipment from gauze to MRI machines. We specialize in the development of ME (Medical Electronics) equipment. We provide customers with valuable technology including reducing the footprint of equipment and devices, lowering costs, and analyzing and improving existing parts using our knowledge of mechanism design, circuit board design, firmware design, FPGA design, and driver design.

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