Message from the President

Since our founding, ERi has continued to grow with the encouragement and support of our customers and partners. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone for where we are today.

Now, the world has been changing on a global level, mainly in the information home electronics and automobile industries. Therefore, as an independent company with our own ideas and purposes, we continue to deepen our technological strength and specialization to contribute the manufacturing of new embedded systems from Iwate to the world with manufacturing and providing our distinctive technology.
Since our founding, we developed competitive products, providing complete embedded core technology for our specialty areas of electronic circuit design, FPGA design, firmware design, and mechanism design through manufacturing and developing product plans for our customers including printers and related devices and sensor application devices with a focus on our business of short range wireless technology enabled Bluetooth/BLE application products.

We will continue to deepen our efforts based on our principle, “To contribute to society by using our core technology to impress people and give them peace of mind,” and provide our distinctive technology and offer business development with even faster response times than ever before.
We will further pursue our core technology so that we will be known as the best supplier of embedded systems, and aim to be active in the global market.
Continuing forward, all of our staff are united in serving our customers, and willing to spare no effort to serve them.
Thank you for your continued guidance and support.

Corporate Philosophy


“To contribute to society by using our core technology
to impress people and give them peace of mind”


We strive to be a company that embodies these three aspirations:

1. While rooted in Iwate, develop a world-class business.

2. Strive for distinctive technology and create new projects.

3. Create an ideal working environment for engineer that is both fun and relaxed.


We strive to create new values, and continue trying new projects with pride.

1. Create
We strive to create new values without being influenced by preconceived ideas.

2. Pride
We continue to tackle new challenges and grow.

3. Challenge
Taking pride as engineer, we value the pride of each of our staff members.

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