Strengths of ERi, Inc.

1. We meet all of our customers’ needs with software design, 
hardware design, and mechanism design.

We are a producer of engineering solutions specializing in embedded technology and manufacturing.
With our technological skill in the design of software, hardware, and mechanisms and extensive knowledge, we stay a step ahead by suggesting solutions that ought to exist but haven’t yet been invented, and make our customers’ ideas a reality.
We are particularly adept at the development of Bluetooth/Bluetooth LE application products and thermal printers, and provide our customers with development from parts to complete products.

2. We will be a reliable partner.

We don’t easily give up meeting the high demands of our customers. We keep thinking of how to make something possible within the present restrictions, and provide the best solution. We strive to be the best partner to our customers in all of Japan by continuing all projects to completion.
We have a salesperson in Tokyo who is available to visit your company and explain our products and provide demonstrations.

3. We can handle everything from prototyping to mass production.

We are building partnerships with manufacturing companies in various fields.
We have employees that previously worked at major electronics manufacturers in mass production, so we have manufacturing expertise. We can do quality control on our own so there is no need to rely on a separate manufacturing company.

BLUETUS® information broadcast terminal

-BLUETUS® is the only beacon in the world that can be used with Android 2.3 or later.

-We verify product reliability through rigorous performance tests in demanding environments and tests that overload operating capacities.

-We can customize products in response to customer demands like, “we want to change what is being sent,” “we want to increase the battery size,” and “we want the case to be smaller.”

-The sent data is encrypted, so it is impossible for it to be stolen or manipulated.

-We have been hired for more than 50 projects both within Japan and abroad, and have been endorsed by customers from a wide range of industries.

Sensor Network

-We have the capability to develop hardware, software, and everything from the development of firmware for wireless modules to the development of applications for the receiving side.

-We have a record of achievements and extensive knowledge in various sensor controllers including geomagnetic and acceleration-based sensors.

-We can provide flexible solutions that match our customers’ systems, including cloud utilization as big data, smartphones, and real time displays on tablets.

These days the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to progress. We create solutions for new network systems that our customers demand with proposals that reflect our knowledge and flexibility regarding network protocols that we have accumulated since the founding of our company.

Thermal Printers

-We have an overall development capacity for hardware, software, and mechanisms.

-We support product development from prototyping to mass production.

-We can provide low cost designs that have a reduced number of parts and are compatible with various production systems and automated machines.

-We have the knowledge and development experience to make very precise paper feeds.

-We can provide improved designs for faster paper conveyance and drive systems.

-We can develop large products with a team design.

-We can provide designs that meet the safety standards of any country, conserve electricity to protect the environment, and take up less space.

A printer is an intricate combination of various elements.
So developing them requires comprehensive skills in hardware, software, and mechanisms. We provide customers with valuable technology that will expand their lineup, improve their existing components, and decrease costs.

[Product Performance]

-Commercial Sublimation Photo Printers

-Commercial Direct Thermal Printers

Medical Equipment

-We have comprehensive development skills in hardware, software, and mechanisms.

-We support product development from prototyping to mass production.

-We can provide low cost designs that have a reduced number of parts and are compatible with various production systems and automated machines.

-We have experience in projects with top brands of medical equipment and are also currently engaged in product development.

-We have experience in developing medical equipment requiring specialist maintenance and management.

There is a wide variety of medical equipment from gauze to MRI machines. We specialize in the development of ME (Medical Electronics) equipment. We provide customers with valuable technology including reducing the footprint of equipment and devices, lowering costs, and analyzing and improving existing parts using our knowledge of mechanism design, circuit board design, firmware design, FPGA design, and driver design.

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